The "Ovidiu Oana" private bell collection
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1. Name: 	A part of my bells

- Description: 	The bells of my collection (164 pcs. in this picture), except the 25 pcs. hanging bells from Asia.

- Acquired:	Acquisition from free market, stores, antiquities shops, or gift from friends or family.
A part of my bells
bells comming from 18,th century B.C. to 10,th century
Antique bells
Clopote si clopotei din poatra, lut, argila arsa si cristal
Clopote de piatra si lut

clopote tibetane (ghanta si thing sha)

clopotei decorativi si feng shui
clopote din Asia
pommerania, clopot nava, clopot China, clopot india, clopot Sri Lanka
clopote mari
clopote si clopotei pentru animale (talangi, zurgalai, tiger-bells, zgarzi)
Clopote pentru animale
clopotei cu maner din toata lumea
clopotei cu maner
silver bells
clopotei de argint
clopotei din zona Indochina
clopotei Feng shui
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The pictures found on this site present bells from a private collection.
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