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- Name:	Clay & stone bells grup

- Description: 	Total of 7 pcs, two from Cehia and 5 from Romania
0. Clay & stone bells

1. Cehia Stone bell
Aztec bell made of burnt clay.

The bell is made by russian artist Elena Zaychenko creating ceramics and glass.

The decorations follow an original pattern dated 1300-1500 A.D.
2. Aztec bell
Bells made from red clay in Corund, Harghita County, Romania.
3. Red clay bells
Bell made from red clay in Greece.
3.1. Greek bell
Horezu, Romania - clay bells.

Burned and painted clay bells.
4. Clay bells
Clopotel de argila arsa si filigramata, achizitionat de fiica mea Cora cu ocazia Zilelor Bucurestiului - 2008

Tara de origine: Romania

Clay bell
5. Holly Mother and Son
Clay bell with St. Nicholas

Origin: Rep. Moldavia, 2009

A gift from my brother in law, Dr. Florin Popovici
6. St. Nicholas bell
Clopotel din ceramica alba decorat cu morive florale stilizate de catre mesterii olari din Corund, jud. Harghita.

White ceramic bell decorated with floral morals stylized by potters from Corund, Harghita County.
7. White ceramics
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