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1700s Antique Islamic Small Goats Bells, Animals Farm Tools
Original antique - 18th C,  Middle Eastern, 
small brass bells, 3 pieces - 67mm , 65mm , 66mm high.
Islamic Goats Bells
Painted animal bell
Origin: Switzerland
Gift from my brother & Lucia, 2016
Painted animal bell

Russia - Sleigh bell

Russia - Sleigh bells 2
Small bronze bell cast in Germani
Sheep bell
These two sheep bells come from Montpellier, France.
The bells are made of bronze and have as relief the fir tree and ornamental floral wreaths at the base.
The big one is 9cm and the small one 6cm high.
The pieces were donated by my friend Dumitru Tâlvescu for the MUSEUM OF THE BELLS OF THE WORLD, which we will arrange at Şercaia, Făgăraş County.
Sheep bells

Souvenir bell Germany
My daughter's gift in 2017
Souvenir bell Norway

Souvenir bell Switzerland
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