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clopotel decorativ de faianta
Danemarca - clopotel faianta
It is a decorative bell.
Gift I got from Lacramioara Popovici.
Decorative bell Turkey
clopotel din ceramica pictata
Elvetia - clopotel decorativ
German bell - painted clay.
Height 6cm
Weight 45gr
Gift from the Delia and Victor Ardelean family from Făgăraș.
clopot de faianta cu maner de lemn cu efigia Castelului Sconbrunn
Germania - Schonbrunn bell
clopotel decorativ din argila uscata si vopsit
Grecia - clopotel decorativ
A smal clay painted bell, gift of my friends Christine and Lucian, May 2012
Hungarian painted bell
A painted clay bell.
I got it from my friend Kati Torok during my bells collection exhibition in Timisoara, 2012.
Kati Torok bell
Painted animal bell
Origin: Switzerland
Gift from my brother & Lucia, 2016
Painted animal bell
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