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A gift from my daughter Cora.
12 star jingle bells
Antique style bronze tone heart ancient charm bells from India.
Ancient India Charm bells
A Valday bronze painted bell.
I got it from my nephiew aa a 2012 Christmas gift.
Andy Blaer bell
- Name:		Austria - keyring cowbell
- Description: 	Copper bell with clapper, decorated with Mozart picture.
- Bells H:	 3,5 cm; 1,378 inches;
- Up size:	 3,5 cm; 1,378 inches;
- base size:	3,0 cm; 1,181 inches;
- widht:	 2,2 cm; 0,866 inches;

- Country of origin: 	Austria
- Acquired:	Acquisition from Salzburg.
Austria - keyring cow bell
talanga souvenir
Austria - talanguta decorativa
Ancient bronze Turkoman Kochis or Kuchis Tribal dangle Bells Rings Bracelet
Kuchis are Pashtun nomads who maintain their traditional nomad lifestyle for more than 3000 years,Kuchis lost their flocks and livlihoods due to drought and war.
Their jewelry is loved around the world for its vibrancy and exuberant designs that are perfect for dance.
This wonderfull jewelry is very old (maybe 12 to 14,th century) and it's composed by:
- one bracelet with 108 bells
- one pendant with 18 bells 
- four rings with 26 bells
    Total = 152 bronze bells
- plus 8 big and 93 small coloured glass stones
It weight 300 grams.
Belly dance - Turkoman Kochis Tribal Bracelet
Belly dance wear accessories golden bracelet with ring little bells, red diamonds
origin: India
Belly dance golden bracelet
12 italian golden bells for Christmas tree (Natale bubbolo)
- Name:		Bulgaria - keyring cowbell
- Description: 	Bronze bell with clapper. Keyring with floral painted decoration.
- Bells H:	 2,2 cm; 0,866 inches;
- Up size:	 2,5 cm; 0,984 inches;
- base size:	2,0 cm; 0,787 inches;
- widht:	  2,0 cm; 0,787 inches;

- Country of origin: 	Bulgaria
- Acquired:	Gift from my brother in low Dr. Florin Popovici, having also a more of 120 pcs small bells from crystal, glass, clay and metal.
Bulgaria - keyring cow bell
talanga decorativa
Bulgaria - talanguta

Cambodia - Gold bell

Canada 2000 - bells

China - Gold bell with Buddha
Christmas bell decoration
Christmas bell - 2016

Christmas decoration - 2001
a 2010 Christmas tree decoration
Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decorations
Gold DingDong Bell Swarovski Earrings, made in Hong Kong
They are part of my bells collection.
Ding Dong Bell Swarovski Gold Earrings
A gift from my brother, August 2010.
The glass bell was cast in the town I was born, a very ancient romanian city, Fagaras, Brasov County.
Fagaras bell
This are five bells cast bronze decorative filigree.
The model represents the period IV-II centuries B.C. in the Middle East area.
Filigree bells
a very nice bell of glass; gift from a friend of mine
Great Britain - glass bell

India - Bell 8

India - Small bell

Indochina - copper bell 1
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