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Little silver bells bought from Hong Kong in 2015
12 g each, 34 mm
Little silver bells
A gift from my friends Aurelia Suciu & Dana Badau
Malaysian Puppy bell
The tradition of European masks developed, more self-consciously, from court and civic events, or entertainments managed by guilds and co-fraternities. These grew out of the earlier revels and had become evident by the 15th century in places like Rome, Venice and Nice, where they developed as entertainments to enliven towns and cities. Thus the Maundy Thursday carnival in St Marks Square in Venice, attended by the Doge and aristocracy also involved the guilds, including a guild of maskmakers.

This is a wonderfull gift I got from my friend Lucia.
Mask high = 15 cm
Maschera del galeone
The pandant is very old (14,th century) and is made in bronze with blue lapis insertions
The earrings with bells are made on my order from silver with same blue lapis
Bought July, 2010 from an international auction.
This set was declared by visitors "The 2011 bell of the year"
Old Afgan pandant and earrings
made with 3 classic shaped bells having arround another 56 small spherical bells and a pendant decorated with 14 glass stones.
This jewelry is handmade by the artisan (maybe 12,th to 13,th century) and come from AFGHANISTAN. The size approx are length 82 mm. 
Total weight are 35 g.
Old afgan tribal pendant with bells
Protection bracelets for kids
Silver jewels with bells.
Protection bracelets for kids
a Christmas tree decoration with 5 red bells, a gift from my students.
red bells
A gold ring with a bell decorated with Swarovski crystals and a pearl.
The bell tongue is also a wonderfull pearl.
ring with swarovski crystals bell
clopotel de cristal

Cadou de la Tina
Romania - Crystal bell

Romania - Double Bow bells
a decorative metal bell for peoples into an islamic world
Santa Clouse Turkey
Silver earring bells from Hong Kong.
Silver earring bells

Swiss - Keyring bells

Swiss - keyring cowbell
An Adler's Jewelry antique ring gold plated with stone, bell and hearth, y1923 model.
Tina's engagement ring
a Christmas tree decoration with an white Angel with bell and trumpet singing.
A gift from my friend Tina during the Timisoara 2012 exhibition.
Trumpet Angel

Venetian Mask
zurgalai decorativi
Zurgalai decorativi
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