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Ancient bronze bell with ornate embossed and circle design around a pear shape bell.
Origin: China Sui Dinasty
Cast: VI to VIII century a.D.
68mm tall, approx 52mm max. diameter, nice unusual item green tinge to bell
Spiral and floral reliefs.
China pear bell
Chu Gong Jia yongzhong is stylistically datable to arround the first half of the ninth century B.C.
It belong to Chu Culture - Eastern Zhou period as a bel yongzhong type.

Height: 14cm / 5.5inch
Weight: 267g
Materials: Pure Copper
Condition: Very Good

My bell looks like the chime bells of Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng.
Chu Gong Jia yongzhong
I believe it is cast iron but it could be another cast metal. Measures 140 mm tall.   
It is a very odd little bell with the dinger on the outside.  
The construction looks to be old, aprox 2,nd century a.D.
Another one like this was find in Pompeii, gold cast. 
I suspect it is so the bell can be used as a candle snuffer.  
It looks like it may have been used for that purpose.  
The handle appears to be a crane.
Crane Bell
A bronze bell cast in Dacia Romana (2,nd to 3,rd century C.e.).

Diameter - 30 / 26 mm;
Height - 49 mm;
Weight - 32,12 grams.

Aquired by an eBay auction from Germany.
Dacia Romana bell
Iron bell cast in proto-money time.
Such bells was used as proto-money during 8th to 4,th century B.C.
Found in central Austria.

Diameter - 38 / 30;
Height - 52 mm;
Weight - 40,18 g;
Danube Celts bell
Bronze cast Early Warring States period [403–364 BC].

The "Warring States Period" derives its name from the Record of the Warring States, a work compiled early in the Han dynasty. 

- 13cm tall;
- 5 cm large
- 316 g weight
Dragon Beast Flat Bell Zhong
Iron bell from China, aprox. 1200 a.D.
H: 98 mm
Dragon bell
Name :      - Laran's Helmet bell.

Origin:       - Cyprus.
Acquired:    - Gift from Dr. Popovici Florin.

Laran was the etruscan god of war. In art, he was portrayed as a naked young man with a helmet and a spear. Laran's consort was Turan - The goddess of love.

Etruscan civilization is the modern English name given to the culture and way of life of a people of ancient Italy and Corsica whom the ancient Romans called Etrusci or Tusci.
Period: 1200 BC to 550 BC
Etruscan Helmet bell
It's very old and got a little time-worn.
Cast: Samhan/Proto–Three Kingdoms Period ("Iron Age") 100 BCE to 300 CE
But it shows you an antique beautiful history.
It sims dull, because of the crack as you can see on the picture.

Height : About 13.7cm
Width : About 6.2cm

Jin state was an early Iron Age state which occupied some portion of the southern Korean peninsula during the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE, bordering the Korean kingdom Gojoseon to the north. Its capital was somewhere south of the Han River. It preceded the Samhan confederacies, each of which claimed to be successors of the Jin state.
JIN bell
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