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Saxon bronze pendant cast IInd to IIIrd century, Old Saxony, Germany, late Roman Empire.
Saxon pendant
antique bell statue green bronze amulet
a very old bell with elephants and an incredible sound
aprox. 12,th century
origin: Thailand
14,5 cm tall (5.5 "), 7 cm diameter
Thai elephant bell
Three bronze bells cast arround 800 BC in Lorestân (the land of Lors).
The Elamite and the Kassite dynasties were overtaken by the Indo-Iranians during the first millennium BC.
The Elamite and the Kassite bells
Bronze period in Romania is divided into Early Bronze Age (c. 3500-2200 BC), Middle Bronze Age (cca.2200 - 1600/1500 BC) and Late Bronze Age (c. 1600/1500 - 1100 BC).
Starting from late Early Bronze meet broad types of ornaments (loop rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants) worked particularly copper, gold, silver and bronze, but also bells and other ornaments.

I dated my bell respecting the expertise of a similar piece from the Museum of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca. 
In the absence of technical expertise, mine bell might be dated as cast anytime between c. XVI - XIII BC.

NOTE: My bell looks very much like another bronze bell, 6 x 4.5 cm size, play in the custody of the History Museum of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca (nr. Inv. 18.533)
My bell is taller with 2 mm.
Thracian quadrangular bell
Ancient bronze bell cast Kievan Russsia 9 - 11th century.
The shape have certain viking influences derivated from early celts.
Viking Kievan
Artifact Ancient Viking Iron Neck Chain Pendant with bells

This is a very old pcs, hand made in 10,th century.
Origin: Latvia.
Viking Pendant
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