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Shaman bell - bronze from Nigeria
H: 18,5 cm
African Shaman bell
Clopotul lui Anubis este un clopotel de otel, infatisandu-l pe Zeul Sacal al Egiptului.
Origine: Cairo, Egipt.
Cadou de la Dr. Florin Popovici

Botswana - Doll with bells
Clopot al şamanilor din Benin - bronz, probabil sec XIX după patină.
Religia Yoruba cuprinde conceptele religioase și spirituale tradiționale și practica poporului yoruba. Localizarea sa este în sud-vestul Nigeriei și în zonele învecinate din Benin și Togo, cunoscute sub numele de Yorubaland.
Un cadou original şi preţios de la colega mea Nusia.

Benin Shaman Bell - Bronze cast probably in the 19th century after the patina.
The Yoruba religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practice of the Yoruba people. Its homeland is in present-day Southwestern Nigeria and the adjoining parts of Benin and Togo, commonly known as Yorubaland.
An original and precious gift from my colleague Nusia.
Clopot al şamanilor, Benin
Hindu FOLK ART bell crudely cast antique depicting GARUDA, the mount of one of the hinduism's premier goods, Vishnu. 
Those mountain is in Nepal, Kathmandu Valley
In hindu mithology, Garuda was a half man, half bird creature. Garuda is one of the three principal animal deities in the Hindu Mythology, the other two being Ganesha (the elephant-headed god), and Hanuman (the monkey god).
Origin: Nepal
Measures 5 1/2" tall.

India - enjoy bell
Bronze bell from Peru - South America, precolumbian period, aprox 1300 - 1400
Peru - The Cradle of Inca Civilization is an area in which live more than 350 species of birds and 150 species of reptiles, therefore their presence in the spiritual life of indigenous peoples is a significant one.

As religion, the supreme leader was undoubtedly the king, called "INCA" (son of the Sun god Inti). However, it was a very hierarchical society. Still choose the most noble men as priests, appointed hullac umac, which were the highest in rank. After they were and others who are subjected to the higher rank than them. The priests made sacrifices, prayed on behalf of the faithful, heard confessions of people and were responsible for certain rituals and ceremonies in honor of the gods.

A possible representation of the founders Manco Capac and his brothers as reptiles comes from the legend that the sons of heaven were sent to earth where they materialize coming out of the cave, or from a lake, both recognized as reptilian media par excellence.
Pre-Columbian lizard bell

Samanistic bell with external clappers

Senufo brass bracelet

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