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I received this beautiful bell from a childhood girlfriend - Donina Pusca Morariu - whom I saw after 49 years.
Bell reminding of my childhood

Bell with London Bridge symbol
Clopotel al companiei Bell Bucharest - corporate language programmes
a small alloy bell from Italy, a 2010 gift from my daughter Cora
Bergamo bell
England - An handle bell representing Big Ben Tower
Big Ben Bell
A very nice bronze bell from India
Blue bell

Canada - Timona bell
Romania - Clopotel de masa
Clopotel de masa
clopotel de bronz lustruit cu maner de mahon
cadou de la Dr. Florin Popovici - iulie 2008
Croatia - clopotel servicii

England - Castle bell

Germany - Court bell

Greece - Fish Market bell

India - Bell 1

India - Bell 2

India - Bell 3

India - Bell 4
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