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a quadrangular bronze bell
miniature of 22 mm high
argentinian bell

China - Bianzhong 1

China - Bianzhong 5

China - Double bell
- Name:		Pagoda bell
- Description: 	Hexagonal pagoda bell with clapper. Made by bronze with Budhist reliefs.
- Total high:	5,0 cm; 1,968 inches;
- Bell H:	 4,2 cm; 1,653 inches;
- hexagon side:	1,7 cm; 0,669 inches;

- Country of origin: China
- Acquired:	Acquisition
China - Pagoda bell

China - The Bell of World Peace
clopotel de vant
China - wind bell with crystal
Aceste clopote le-am primit cadou in august 2017 de la colegii mei din promoŇ£ia 1972 a Liceului RADU NEGREU din Fagaras cu ocazia reuniunii la 45 de ani de la absolvire.
Clopote Promotia 1972
Figural bronze bell representing a Dutch woman.
It's old enough, maybe cast tothe end of 19,th century.
Got it as gift from my children, Christmas 2015
Dutch woman bell

England - Bell with Street lamp handle
Commercial fleet of England, brass bell cast 1827
England - ship bell
81. Name:	Fish bell
- Description: 	Bronze bell
- Total high:	39,2 cm; 15,43 inches;
- Bells H:	   9,3 cm; 3,66 inches;
- base big diameter:	 7,0 cm; 2,76 inches;
- base small diameter:	 5,6 cm; 2,20 inches;

- Country of origin: 	India
- Acquired:		Acquisition
Fish bell
clopot triplu de atentionare
tabla de alama
provenienta Germania - cadou de la un prieten
Germania - clopot atentionare

India - One bell + 5 others

India - quintuple bell

Korea - Koryo Dragon Bell

Liban - Iron bell
A copy of the famous american bell, gift from Michaela Judele.
Liberty bell
Figural bell cast in bronze in Holland.
The photo represents a woman and a man dressed in traditional Dutch costumes.
This is a gift that I received from my friend Gabriela Cioboata.
Netherlands - Figural bell
Small bronze bell, a Christmas gift from my collegue Ramona, teacher of phisycal education and sport at School 139, Bucharest.
It have a nice patina and the shape show to be a russian bell, second half of 19,th century.
Ramona bell
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