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Franklin bell coin 1953
German coin dedicated to the US Bicentennial.
- side 1 have as inscriptions: 

- on the reverse is written:
German bicentennial
Silver coin Holly Mother and child and a bell on reverse.
Holly Mother and child
2012 Latvian 1 Lats Coin - Christmas bells
Latvia Lettland 
Face value: 1 lats
Weight: 4.80 g, diameter: 21.75 mm
Metal: cupro-nickel
Struck in 2012
Latvian Christmas
This is a vintage token from the Lehigh Valley Transit Company, Fare Check. 
Bell shape cut out in the center. 
It measures 5/8" in diameter.
This is a gift from Carolyn Whitlock, the formal admin of "Bells talk" section of American Bells Associa
Leigh Valley Transit Co. - 1918

Liberty Bell - 1753
Here's the 1973 Liberty Bell Antique Bronze Doubloon with Oral Roberts July 4th Prayer.
LIBERTY BELL - Prayer Doubloon 1973
Here's the 1973 Liberty Bell Antique Bronze Doubloon with Oral Roberts July 4th Prayer.  The obverse features the Liberty Bell and reads "PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND...LIBERTY BELL."  The reverse features two Ears of Wheat and Three Stars and reads "HEAL US IN EVERY PART OF OUR EXISTENCE - ALL THAT WE ARE AND HOPE TO BECOME - OUR NATION, FAMILY, OURSELVES.  HEAL US AND BRING US TOGETHER, O GOD.  AMEN...ORAL ROBERTS...JULY 4, 1973." 
The doubloon measures 39 mm or 1 1/2" in diameter
LIBERTY BELL - Prayer Doubloon 1973 reverse
United We Stand Don’t Tread on Me We Dare Not Forget That We Are The Heirs of That First Revolution 
John F.Kennedy Liberty Bell 1776 Challenge Coin
Weight 31g, Dimensions 40 × 3 mm.
Liberty bell 1776 - JFKennedy
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