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An argentinian quadrangular bronze lucky bell
Mini pendant 22 mm high.
Argentina Lucky bell
Vintage Afghan Earrings, Nomad Handmade Tribal Kuchi Dome Earweights, Gypsy Boho 1
Afgan earrings 1
Vintage Afghan Earrings, Nomad Handmade Tribal Kuchi Dome Earweights, Gypsy Boho 2
Afgan earrings 2
Vintage Kuchi Banjara Afghan Tribal Handmade Gypsy Glass Beads Pendant Necklace
Featured Refinements: Kuchi Necklace
Material: 	Genuine Old Kuchi Metal Pendant, Glass Beads
Originating Tribe: Kuchi Tribe
Afgan Gypsy Pendant Necklace
The pandant is very old (14,th century) and is made in bronze with blue lapis insertions
The earrings with bells are made on my order from silver with same blue lapis
Bought July, 2010 from an international auction.
This set was declared by visitors "The 2011 bell of the year"
Afgan pandant and earrings
Boho Gypsy Ats Handmade Banjara Tribal Vintage Kuchi Afghan Pendant Necklace
Featured Refinements: Banjara
Region of Manufacture: Afghanistan
Originating Tribe: Kuchi Tribe
Afghan Kuchi Pendant Necklace
The Qin state was named because the people of its homeland were called the Qin. 
The Qin's strength had been consolidated by Lord Shang Yang during the Warring States Period, in the 4th century BCE. In the early third century BCE, the Qin accomplished a series of swift conquests; the state subjugated the Chu, remnants of the Zhou Dynasty, and various other states to gain undisputed control of China.
Amulette Qin Dynasty
Beautiful Old Arabian man ring.
The ring was worn by drivers of caravans on the roads crossing North Africa to the Middle East.
Bronze was the symbol of durability and power.

Region of Origin: Middle East, North Africa
Primary Material: Bronze
Age: 1.200 - 1.400 A.D.
Arabian man ring
Mask bell pendant with pendant earrings depicting a monkey head
Aztec/Mixtec Huitzo, Mexico - aprox. 12,th to 13,th century A.D.

This is a very nice hand made copper button/bell.  
It has a metal ball inside that makes it jingle
18 mm diameter
Material: Copper
Aztec monkey pendant
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