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Antique style bronze tone heart ancient charm pendants bells from India.
19,th century
Charm pendants
Antique Chinese ring.
This triple bell ring symbolizes the union of the three kingdoms înto the first [QIN] Chinese empire in 212
aprox. III to II century B.C.
(.5x.5 inch) bronze ring, Size 8
Qin Shi Huang (260-210 BC), personal name Ying Zheng, was the King of the state of Qin (246-221 BC) who conquered all other Warring States and unified China in 221 BC.
Chinese ring
Crystal Pearl Bell Christmas Earrings
Christmas Earrings
Gold Ding Dong Bell Swarovski Earrings, made in Hong Kong
They are part of my bells collection.
Ding Dong Earrings
Bronze amulet; has the role of protecting.
Bronze bell cast in China.
Symbol of life in China, protective animal in Indonesia, guardian of swords in Japan, evil and cunning in Europe, the dragon is found in many myths and legends. Usually, eastern dragons, Chinese dragons are beneficial beings that bring good luck. In Western mythologies, such as Greek or Celtic, the dragon is an embodiment of evil. Also in Persian mythology the dragon is evil (see Zahhak). In the mythologies of the Native Americans, but also in East Asia, they are seen as the primary forces of nature and the universe. They are associated with wisdom - they are smarter than humans - and with longevity. They can also have magical and supernatural powers and are representatives of the aquatic environment. They personify water, wells, rains and rivers. Some cultures endow dragons with the gift of speech.
Dragon amulet
An Adler's Jewelry antique ring gold plated with stone, bell and hearth, y1923 model.
Engagement ring
This are five bells cast bronze decorative filigree.
The model represents the period IV-II centuries B.C. in the Middle East area.
Filigree pendants
This Bronze Ring with bells, cast in Haripunchai, 10,th to 11,th century A.D.
very nice patina confirm age.
Hariphunchai or Haribhunjaya (from Thai: in turn from Pali: Haribhu Jaya) was a Mon kingdom in the north of present Thailand in the centuries before the Thais moved into the area. Its capital was at Lamphun, which at the time was also called Hariphunchai.
 In 1292 the city was besieged and captured by Mangrai of the Thai kingdom of Lanna.
Haripunchai ring
Antique religious silver Bell pandant Heart of Jesus
one side is Jesus, the other is Montmartre church.
dated aprox. 1900
Jesus pendant
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