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Logo MCL
Study, pencil.
Author: Liana Camelia ELLERICH, 2019
The drawing was inserted in the logo MUSEUM OF THE BELLS OF THE WORLD, Şercaia, Ţara Făgăraşului and will be inscribed on all the documents of the institution, promotional materials and souvenirs.
0. Logo MCL
Painting, BELLS
Oil on canvas. 32cm x 24cm
Author: Ayana Mări-Mohl, 11 years old, Timişoara, Romania

The painting inaugurates the Thematic Art Salon at the MUSEUM OF BELLS OF THE WORLD.
Thank you Ayana!
Decorative Dragon horse - Bali, Indonesia
A dragon horse [longma 龍馬 in China] is the [qi 氣] vital spirit of Heaven and Earth. 
Longma 龍馬 "dragon horse" can mean "an eminent person" and occurs in the four-character idiom longma jingshen 龍馬精神 "vigorous spirit in old age". 

A very beautiful large handmade sculpture of a horse on a stand. 
A wonderful dark green patina and with nice eight bells dangling below the horse. 
Materials: Iron , wood
Height: 44 cm / 17.6 inches
Width: 52 cm / 20.8 inches

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