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Last modified: 2020-01-07 08:08:35

Bronze amulet; has the role of protecting.
Bronze bell cast in China.
Symbol of life in China, protective animal in Indonesia, guardian of swords in Japan, evil and cunning in Europe, the dragon is found in many myths and legends. Usually, eastern dragons, Chinese dragons are beneficial beings that bring good luck. In Western mythologies, such as Greek or Celtic, the dragon is an embodiment of evil. Also in Persian mythology the dragon is evil (see Zahhak). In the mythologies of the Native Americans, but also in East Asia, they are seen as the primary forces of nature and the universe. They are associated with wisdom - they are smarter than humans - and with longevity. They can also have magical and supernatural powers and are representatives of the aquatic environment. They personify water, wells, rains and rivers. Some cultures endow dragons with the gift of speech.
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