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In Pagan folklore the ring of a bell is symbolic of creative forces, evoking good energy, and clear thoughts. For this reason, the bell has long been believed to repel evil spirits, and as such "witches' bells" would be hung upon doors and other entry ways to protect the home.
Can be hung in two ways; at the top is a high quality swivel lobster clasp to make it easy to clip-on to a suitable hanging source (the clasp opens to a maximum of 5mm) but there is also a red nylon cord for placing over larger door handles and so forth. I have used red cord because of the colour's Wiccan association with energy.
Keys are considered symbols of good luck in folklore across the world, but I have specifically used one here because keys also symbolise the opening and closing of powers; in this case and context, the opening of good powers and the closing of bad ones.
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