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The Childrens bell Tower - Bodega Bay N. California US
Postcard gifted by Laura Murgia

The Children's Bell Tower is dedicated to children everywhere. It was inspired by the death of seven-year old Nicholas Green of Bodega Bay who was shot by highway robbers while on vacation with his parents in Italy, on September 29, 1994.

All the bells were donated, mostly by families, schools and churches in Italy to express their sorrow - and appreciation for the decision of Nicholas' parents, Maggy and Reg Green, to donate his organs to seven Italians.

They symbolize the continuity of life. The centerpiece is from the Marinelli Foundry, which has been making bells for the Papacy for a thousand years. This bell, which has the name of Nicholas and the seven recipients, was blessed by Pope John Paul II.

The memorial was designed and built by Bruce Hasson of San Francisco.
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