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The Dong Son (or Dongson, or Ðông Son) culture thrived in northern Vietnam and its burials, rich in bronze goods, demonstrate a high level of wealth relative to neighboring areas.
Ðông Son - Vietnam
Santa Fe, New Mexivo, Old Bell San Jose, San Miguel Church, Vintage Postcard
Bell San Jose
The Bell Tower - Weston, Vermont US

Postcard gifted by Laura Murgia
Bell Tower - Weston, Vermont US
Belle Bottom Trousers - Navy song

Postcard - Chicago, US, 1942
Belle Bottom Trousers
Christmas Bells of Bethlelem, Israel
Bells of Bethlelem
China Bell from Tomb
China bells from tomb
NOTTINGHAM - Chinese Bell Arboretum - Posted 1903

Era: Pre-War (Pre-1914)

Size: Standard (140 x 89 mm)

Region: Nottinghamshire UK

A view of the Chinese bell tower (pagoda) in Nottingham Arboretum. It was designed in 1857 by Marriott Ogle Tarbotton as a war memorial and built in 1862. The bell was looted by British troops from a temple in Canton during the Anglo-Chinese war (Opium War) of 1857-61. Two of the cannon were captured at Sebastopol in 1854-55, during the Crimean war, the other 2 are replicas. In 1956 the pagoda was partly demolished and the bell was moved to the regimental museum in Preston.
Chinese Bell Arboretum
Christmas postcard
Christmas postcard - gift from Remus Popovici
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