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Tubular bamboo chime
Bamboo chime
clopotel de vant
China - wind bell with crystal
Triple wind bell I gor as gift.
Germany - wind bell
Indian quintuple wind bell
Quintuple wind bell
Tubular Wind Bell - Hanging Decorative Bell For Home Garden Feng Shui Bell 

Origin: India

Total Bell Size : 28 Inches (71 cm) 

thread size : 20 " Inches 

Metal Bell Size : 8 Inches (20 cm) x 3 Inches (8 cm)

Metal Glass Beads 

* Weight : 430 Grams
Tubular Wind Bell
Turtle windbell stands 3 3/4 inches approx with the bells size are 3, 4 and 5inches.

The bell itself is decorated with what appear to be swirls with the background fully filled in with small marks.
Turtle windbell
Vintage wind bell, Italy.

Ghift from Rodica Gheorghe Popescu
Vintage wind bell
clopotel de vant
wind bell
Metal tubes and bells chime, China
Wind bell 2
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