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clopotel zoomorf - zona Indochina

achizitionat de la Timisoara
Clopotel cu maimuta (monkey bell)
clopotel de bronz cu maner stilizat zoomorf
Cock bell - clopotel cu cocos

Eagle with bells
81. Name:	Fish bell

- Description: 	Bronze bell

- Total high:	39,2 cm; 15,43 inches;

- Bells H:	   9,3 cm; 3,66 inches;

- base big diameter:	 7,0 cm; 2,76 inches;

- base small diameter:	 5,6 cm; 2,20 inches;

- Country of origin: 	Greece

- Acquired:		Acquisition
Fish bell

Frog bell
cast iron bell with dunghill cock.

Origin country: Germany

Cast: 19,th century
Germania - dunghill cock bell
clopot din India

cadou de la Aida
India - clopotei tigru cu spada

India - fish bell

Latin bell
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