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The first volume about the bells history, 2004
Trilogy "Project of an universal language" - Author: Ovidiu OANA

I started many years ago to collect bells, little bells, crotals and bells for cattles in the country and abroad, in areas where I had the chance to go over time. Purchased from antiques market or free from friends or colleagues, they were transformed over time in a collection whose profile I directed and restricted by a typological variety, designed to cover a larger number cultural areas in the world, avoiding repetitions and eliminating similarities.

So I have over 700 pieces that could be included in the following categories:

    • After the material they are made: - wood, clay, stone, iron, bronze, brass, precious metals, glass, crystal, jade; 

    • By age - the oldest is in 48th century BC; 

    • By size - the largest is 53 cm. height and the lowest is 12 mm; 

    • By type / structure: bells with / without clappers, spherical bells, various shape bells; 

    • By origin - every continent except Australia; 

    • By destination - bells of worship, alarm, for pets, protection, garden, boat, shamanistic, decorative, jewels with bells etc. 

The collection is presented on the website the structure:

    • Ancient Bells 

    • Chimes and bells of clay and stone 

    • Shaman's Bells 

    • Bells for animals 

    • Spherical bells (crotals and Tiger bells) 

    • Zoomorphic bells 

    • Handle bells 

    • Bells of worship 

    • Decorative bells 

    • Feng Shui bells 

    • Coins and medals with bells 

    • Special bells 

    • Silver bells 

    • Jewels with bells

    • Stamps

    • A world of bells (photos of the whole collection) 

    • Exhibitions (event's posters that the collection was presented) 

    • Books on bells (and science fiction works by title or theme of bells in my collection) 

Some questions have arisen during this time: "Why? Where? How? And I started looking for answers in all possible areas: personal library, private and public libraries, correspondence with around the world collectors and museums having bells collections, with the embassies of Romania and of course, through thousands of hours of navigation by Internet. After I gathered thousands of documents and information, I started years ago to make a structure thereof, which eventually took the form of a proposed trilogy named "Project of a universal language."

Part. I - "THE SOUL" is a collection of over 1,200 poems, carols, riddles, proverbs, poetic license of shouts and bells, little bells, crotals and bells for cattles, as I found in Romanian and universal literature. It contains approx. 180 pages (possibly illustrated with photographs of pieces from the collection of personal).

Part II - "OLD TIMES" addresses, in summary, the issue of appearance and diversification of use bells, little bells, crotals and bells for cattles, and in all 7 continents and at all times (about 350 pages of which about half illustrated);

    • Confessions of a bell 

    • Cap. 1 - A look at the beginning ...

        ◦ Origins, certifications, definitions, thematic dictionary, list uses bells 

    • Cap. 2 - Stories and facts about bells

        ◦ 2.1 - Bells of Romania 

        ◦ 2.2 - Asian Bells 

        ◦ 2.3 - Russian Bells 

        ◦ 2.4 - Bells of Africa 

        ◦ 2.5 - Bells in Christian Europe 

        ◦ 2.6 - The bells in the New World 

        ◦ 2.7 - Bells of Peace and Freedom 

        ◦ 2.8 - Bells on water and under water 

    • Cap. 3 - bells in music or music of the bells 

    • Cap. 4 - Bells for cattle 

    • Cap. 5 - spherical bells 

        ◦ 5.1 - crotals 

        ◦ 5.2 - Tiger Bells 

Part III - "Faith" was conceived as an album for presentation to the world famous bells and Romania (about 120 color plates with synthetic notes).

The first copy-manuscript of the paper I gave in 2006 Father Patriarch Teoctist, who was kind enough to submit it to the attention of specialists from the Bible and the Romanian Orthodox Church Mission. This institution confirming the unique, complex and interesting work, view my statement is added that such an approach is a unique approach in the Romanian literature and among the very few titles of world literature - perhaps singular thematic diversity and complexity.

The work is designed based on principles ecumenical contains scientifically verified information and data related to equal in tone and all religions of the world, introduces hypotheses and their classification, but avoid turning them into elements of interfaith disputes, with a good main purpose thematic information readers of a problem to us in a past unjust oblivion.

I was able to identify the interest of potential interest for publication through other collectors from USA, England and Russia with which I am in a permanent exchange of information.

Based on these data, we began efforts to identify financial and logistical solutions for its transformation into a title of editorial project.

The collection was first presented in 2006 at the Synod Hall of Antim Monastery, during which it was presented on TVR 1 and TVR International.

National Technical Museum "Ing Dr. Dimitrie Leonida" made me the honor as initiator by hosting my collection during May 2006, along with numerous pieces of all time, made available by prestigious museums in the country and other collectors.

Between 18 December 2007 - March 31, 2008 collection was presented in the halls of the "Valeriu Literat" Museum of Fagaras and the end of March 2008 I presented bells the top Saturday at Brâncoveanu Monastery at Sambata, Brasov County, to Father Theophilus (a holly priest in Romania).

The exhibition was presented in July-August 2008 at "Sigma Gallery" in Bucharest and enjoyed special attention from the central and local media and the public.

Between December 19, 2008 - 31 January 2009, the Museum of the Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara hosted as exhibition my bells collection, an event attended by the presence of His Eminence Nicolae Corneanu, Bishop of Banat.

From 3rd to 7th of September 2009, the exhibition was unveiled at the Cultural Center "REDUTA" in Brasov.

Starting from December 29th, 2012 till 13th of January 2013 the bells are subject of an exhibition hosted by Local Council of Timi�oara.

On 31st October 2007 decision of the Scientific Council of National Technical Museum, I was designated to receive the award "Prof. engineer Dimitrie Leonida "of the 10th editions - 2007, helping to make the 2006 event "Bell, an universal language" which occasion was public launched The Trilogy "Project of a universal language"- the only world encyclopedia of bells, undersigned completed in 2005 and published for the first time on sites and, the two sites meetings over 235,000 readers.

Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper presented a synthetic fur Rumanien illustrated collector of my work in the number of 10 October 2008;

EVENING TRUTH newspaper dated November 21, 2010 published in page-portrait data about my literary activity, my bells collection and concerns;

The collection was presented in a comprehensive report on TVR2 in HOBBYCEIURI issue broadcasted of 27th November 2011, followed by a number of considerations from the public, expressed into Facebook pages of the author and filmmakers.

In Sept. 2010 I successfuly started to publish notes and synthetic data about parts of my collection, on the forum of American Bell Association (ABA) (78 posts was visited by 12.000 persons from Sept. 2010 till May. 2015).

Another confirmation of the interest aroused by piece in the collection is based on the number of visitors to this site, pursued by over 65,000 visits made by over 12.000 visitors from 101 countries and 50 U.S. states according Google Analytics;

The most important project of the next period remains the intention to establish in Şercaia, Braşov, County, Romania THE WORLD BELLS MUSEUM to gather the pieces, medieval and modern collections across the country (from museums and private collections), including my collection in an unique profile institution in Europe and the world.

Prof. Ovidiu Oana - Pârâu
Volumul "Clopotul, limbaj universal" a aparut în octombrie 2008, Editura 3D, Drobeta - Turnu Severin

Cuprinde poezie tematica din literatura universala si Ciclul ARAMA al subsemnatului

autor: ovidiu oana - parau
03-Clopotul, limbaj universal
Editura ALCALAY & Co. 1909
04-Clopotele de la Mânăstirea Neamţu
Clopotele – Charles Dickens – Ed. Tineretului 1953
 Clopote în amurg - Nikolai Virta, Ed. Cartea Rusă, 1954
06-Clopote în amurg
Clopotul de sticlă – Sylvia Plath, Ed. Polirom, 2012
07-Clopotul de sticlă
Clopotul scufundat - Livius Ciocârlie, Ed. Cartea Românească, 1988
08-Clopotul scufundat
Copacul Care Danseaza. Clopotele De Seara - Kostas Asimakopoulos, Ed. Eminescu, 1991
09-Clopotele De Seara
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