The "Ovidiu Oana" private bell collection
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1. Antique bells (46 pictures, 15.17 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 14:00:01)
Very old bells representing all major antique cultures of our past. bells casted starting from XXVII,th century B.C. to XX,th century a.D.
2. Clay & Stone bells (49 pictures, 8.67 MB, last modified 2022-09-08, 09:48:59)
(Clopote de piatra si argila) Clay and stone bells, the first of all the bells, 20-30.000 years ago.
3. Bells for animals (41 pictures, 6.67 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:52:09)
(clopote pentru animale si talangi) Contine fotografii ale unor talangi si clopote pentru animalele domestice din Asia, Africa, Europa, USA si Romania.
4. Spherical bells (Crotals & Tiger bells) (26 pictures, 9.45 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:52:23)
Contine fotografii de zurgalai de pe toate continentele si din toate timpurile.
5. Religious bells (50 pictures, 12.93 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:52:38)
bronze casted bells for religious services
6. Handle bells (30 pictures, 7.03 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:52:54)
Clopotei cu maner din toate timpurile si de pe toate meridianele
7. Zoomorphic bells (27 pictures, 9.47 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:53:10)
Bells and Feng Shui bells associated with animals.
8. Feng Shui bells (30 pictures, 3.47 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:53:25)
bells from Asia
9. Various bells (31 pictures, 5.76 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:53:43)
Various kind of bells
9.1. Silvered bells (16 pictures, 3.06 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:56:39)
silver bells
A world of bells (18 pictures, 3.50 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:58:47)
Fotografii de ansamblu cu cele peste 400 de clopote, clopotei, talangi si zurgalai din toate timpurile si de pe toate meridianele. Aceasta colectie se vrea una tematica, reunind tipologii legate de evolutia mondiala si dezvoltarea acestora. Un istoric al clopotelor, va fi prezentat in Trilogia "PROIECTUL UNEI LIMBI UNIVERSALE" - singura lucrare tematica enciclopedica aflata in pregatire pentru tipar.
ART (20 pictures, 4.24 MB, last modified 2022-11-08, 09:40:08)
The art salon at the MUSEUM OF BELLS OF THE WORLD will include thematic creations of all genres.
AUDIO DISCS (8 pictures, 552.17 KB, last modified 2022-03-03, 08:22:36)
We open a new chapter of the collection: VINYL AUDIO DISCS. We thus store another way of representing bells in music. To these exponents is added a long list selected from the virtual environment and stored on YOUTUBE.
Books about bells (54 pictures, 13.97 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:56:57)
Coins and medals (58 pictures, 9.80 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 12:05:35)
A small collection of coins, stamps and medals celebrating bells.
CRCRYSTAL AND GLASS BELLS (13 pictures, 2.18 MB, last modified 2023-07-02, 10:04:22)
The manufacturing art in the field of glass and crystal is millennia old. The sound of bells made of glass or crystal is easily recognizable.
Decorative bells (22 pictures, 3.82 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:57:53)
(Clopotei decorativi)
EXIBITIONS (8 pictures, 3.08 MB, last modified 2021-07-06, 12:43:37)
Bells Exibitions in Romania during time.
Figural bells (14 pictures, 4.24 MB, last modified 2019-06-07, 14:16:28)
The bells gathered in this album are representative characters for certain cultures and periods.
JEWELS (61 pictures, 18.73 MB, last modified 2019-03-31, 13:57:33)
This are worlwide jewels with bells
Musical Scores (16 pictures, 3.78 MB, last modified 2022-03-02, 10:53:17)
The collection of exhibits for the BELL MUSEUM OF THE WORLD is becoming more and more representative. Today I inaugurate a new section: MUSICAL SCORES, collected for the time being in virtual format. These are themed pieces of all kinds. I ask the professionals in the field who have such materials in physical format to report them to me.
Postcards (36 pictures, 8.92 MB, last modified 2022-10-07, 10:35:49)
This page includes postcards issued in various countries around the world about famous local bells or about bells of peace and freedom.
Stamps (63 pictures, 13.49 MB, last modified 2021-03-26, 16:57:06)
This page includes stamps issued in various countries around the world about famous local bells or about bells of peace and freedom.
TOYS (14 pictures, 3.11 MB, last modified 2023-05-03, 13:13:18)
TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS (3 pictures, 180.84 KB, last modified 2022-09-25, 07:41:03)
WIND BELLS (11 pictures, 1.87 MB, last modified 2023-12-11, 10:38:49)
Wind-bell, a bell or a cluster of resonating pieces that are moved and sounded by the wind. The wind-bell has three basic forms: (1) a cluster of small pieces of metal, glass, pottery, bamboo, seashell, or wood that tinkle when blown by the wind; (2) a cluster of chimes that are rung by a central clapper, to which is attached a flat plate to catch the wind; and (3) a bell whose clapper is attached to a flat plate to catch the wind.

The pictures found on this site present bells from a private collection.
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